Gentlemen tis time for something original in trading, for First time on ET

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cold, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. cold


    People gather around,

    some of you react, some of you predict, some of you do both

    hell........some of you even influence and shape yourself

    but what we shall do now is different, we shall involve information in our trading that does not come from this world

    our world is based on rules, rules of time progression

    but we shall cheat......... so help us god

    we shall access the future by bypassing our world and talk to the spirit world

    the spirit world exists without time and they can peer into the future of our world

    take your Ouija Board and start asking market direction questions
    BUT BE WARNED, some spirits will mess with your mind, so try to access a good one, like JFK or something

    also there is another way, if you concentrate, and try not to think too evil, you could establish a connection with ETs, they can help with trading as well

    BUT BE WARNED, some of those fuckers are up to no good, so its a risky proposition

    good luck
  2. JA_LDP


    move this to politics and religion?
  3. I thought you were leaving.
  4. cold


    why don't we move you to hell

    who are you guy ????

    become a mod or go home bud
  5. JA_LDP


    i am home
  6. cold


    I did leave, what's left isn't the complete me :)
  7. cold


    I just want to say guys

    I honestly believe what I speak of in this thread is doable

    I don't blame you for turning away

    but JFK made me lot of money in gold, lot of money

    I am dead serious
  8. Nothing against JFK or jelly dounuts but shouldn't we contact a departed trader? Perhaps someone like Jesse Livermore, WD Gann, George Marechal or George Bayer.
    BTW Maybe they're not really dead but just went underground.:p
  9. cold


    you show promise my man, you show promise

    I agree, but not on the not dead part
  10. According to you so is JFK!

    I think it could be time to up your dosage, ask the nurse I'm sure she'll oblige.....
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