Gentlemen! I need your advice …

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  1. I have an application that generates 8-10% ROI daily, trading e-mini S&P 500.

    I would like to sell it to a serious buyer.

    1. How much may I ask for it?
    2. Whom to sell?
    3. How to sell?

  2. lmao, with that kind of return you will be a trillionaire in months lol. NEWB:D
  3. promagma


    That is 3 ES points per day .... trade it yourself. I hope you have $500 to blow.
  4. You are going to have to get that ROI up to AT LEAST 60%-70% per day.

    Everybody on ET can do a lousy 8%/day. Hell, my 3 year old can do 6% and his dog does 5%.

    Pikersville, man...

    But if you really want to sell it --->
  5. I have an app that generates 125% per day, improves your golf game, and vacuums your carpets. I'll sell to the highest bidder.
  6. traderob


    Can it cook?
  7. zdreg


    obviously it can cook. it cooked the books to get the 125 percent return.:D
  8. You could sell it on
  9. What if I am not serious, would you still take my money and sell it to me? :p
  10. Over what time frame is your baktest and have you actually traded it with real cash or just backtested there is a big difference.
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