‘Genius’ Hohn Should Get Bulk Of Money In Divorce, Judge Says

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    Dec 15 2014 | 9:21am ET

    Christopher Hohn’s “genius” entitles him to keep the bulk of his US$1.5 billion, a British judge has ruled.

    Last month, Judge Jennifer Roberts awarded The Children’s Investment Fund Management founder’s ex-wife, Jamie Cooper-Hohn, US$530 million, about 36% of their marital assets. Cooper-Hohn had sought half of the total, but Roberts accepted Hohn’s argument that he had made a “special contribution” to their fortune.

    “I take the view that [Hohn] qualifies as a financial genius in his particular field of financial investment,” the judge said. “If he does not, who could?”

    “This is a case where a significant departure from equality in the husband’s favor is entirely justified by the compounding factors of post-separation accrual and special contribution.”

    Roberts didn’t give Hohn everything he wanted, ruling that the 25% of assets he suggested his wife should get did not account for Cooper-Hohn’s contributions, notably her management of their charitable organization, the TCI Foundation.

    It is unclear whether Cooper-Hohn plans to appeal the ruling.