Genital jewerly -how neat!

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  1. You too can posses genital jewelry made from your expired loved one!

    "Naturally colored" would be a yellow or orange! Add trace elements of Boron and the stone becomes light blue. Very attractive when faceted into a diamond cut.

    $20K for 1 carat in blue. Bummer tho it takes 6-9 months to produce the stone from the sweethearts salvaged carbon remains after the cremation.

    Okay so maybe a regular ring would be cool too? Better to will off to the kids.

    Comes in a coffin shaped display box??
  2. incredible,

    Wifey wants to know if we can use our dog?
  3. Wow, now how touching too!!!
    Pooochie ear bobs!!!!

    I would think "a carbon atom is a carbon atom" - regardless of the biological source.

    Can you believe the times we live in?

    The tired old country music saying -"I'm just an old hunk of coal - but I'm gonna be a diamond one day!" now realizes its completion.