Geneva Vs Singapour

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    Better copypaste the whole story as it's a subscriber only site.
  3. This article posted in ag futures ? FYI it has little to do with futures trading. Its about the shady world of physical trading in Geneva, it's all about big business, corruption in Africa , moving around billions of profits to minimize taxes, and Russians .
    And the tax advantages mentioned are for physical trading companies, not prop futures traders.
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    If we talk about the same article, googling this would bring you to the correct ft link :

    "Swiss commodities traders feel Singapore heat"

    Last time I was in Geneva, the local paper was writing about Singapore investment promoters touring swiss based hedge funds to try and get them to move to Singapore. it was also mentionning conditions getting more adverse in Switzerland for hedge funds.

    IMO Singapore and Switzerland are as good a destination as you get in Asia and Europe (not considerig tax and cost issues)
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    I posted it here because I live near Geneva and I associate it to the big grain merchandisers like Dreyfus, Cargill...For sure Geneva has nothing to do with futures trading, the CME just shortened the ag trading hours partly because of swiss traders "lifestyle issues"... And reduced tax schemes in Switzerland are for anyone doing business entirely out of Switzerland...