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  1. Does anyone know anything about Geneva trading i.e. is there a cap. req., is there ANY salary, ect. If you work(ed) or know someone who has please enlighten me. Thanks...



    I was wondering if you were looking at Geneva Trading due to the fact that I pointed it out in one of your other threads. I was just using it as a example of one trading firm out there that not many people know about.

    Like I said, if you go to and do a search for proprietary trading firms or stock trading or proprietary trading or proprietary traders you should be able to find tons of trading firms out there. Most will have a page on their site that will discuss employment at the firm, (requirements, positions, ect...).

    There are many firms out there. Spend some time searching around on google and looking at a lot of different firm web sites. You can also get there phone number from the web site and give them a call.

    Good luck
  3. I was looking at it because you pointed it out, and was one that I have not heard of. I have conducted several searches and keep pulling up the same firms that I have already researched. I guess if you know any other firms other than DE Shaw, worldco, ETG, Echo, heartland, First NY Sec, Innovative, Bright, Generic, Wolverine, millenium, Lieber, ect. it would be helpful. Thanks...
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  5. All I know about them is that one of the principals has a very hot wife.
  6. Wow, where do I sign up? :D
  7. Very nice. And how do you know this?
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    Yes, I'm also interested.....:0)
  9. Used to work in a firm that Geneva cleared through. The Christmas party was normally a big affair with wives/girlfriends etc.

    She was a stunner alright.
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