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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Tuneman, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Tuneman


    Does anyone know anything about this prop firm in Chicago? Are they reputable? Any serious traders there?

    note: i did search, i guess a couple people think they are reputable. I was looking for any more specifics.

  2. nitro


    That's the wrong link. The right link is:

    They are first rate, but they are looking for people with attention to detail.

  3. Tuneman


    anyone know anything more besides that they are "first rate"
  4. Mr B

    Mr B

    I worked there.

    After a few weeks of unsupervised and unprofitable simulated trading they gave me a form to sign which said that if I didn't make 15 ticks a day, 4 days a week on sim, for 2 weeks, they would fire me.

    I somehow or other made the ticks on sim and resigned about a month later. I think I still have the form somewhere.

    I wasn't there long enough to know what to make of it as a whole company, so I don't really have an opinion, just the facts of my experience. I have been told it gets a good reputation in the markets so they must be doing a lot of things right. They mustn't have thought highly of me to do what they did so I guess I wasn't for them and I know that they weren't for me. If they were intending to get rid of me they must've been pretty cheesed off when I made the money and they couldn't fire me!

    They had me trading 1 lot of Brent oil, using 1 min charts, with a 3 tick max loss. They had a lot of cool spreadsheets to work out everything from win/loss ratio to how much time you spent in your top 10 winning trades. I had some good days at Geneva, but I think it was more down to not wanting to be fired than their particular trading approach or their inventive use of microsoft office applications.

    Prior to Geneva, I worked for GHCO, I preferred GHCO, although I think that if you especially want to scalp short term, Geneva could be right up your street as they were into thin choppy markets like DAX and crude oil, which are known for scalping, and they advocate a very disciplined approach which seems to be the vital ingredient for good scalping.