Geneva set to trump London in oil trading...

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  1. Hey copy and paste, I though you couldn't post anymore due to your faux investment fund? Bloomberg and FT doesn't need another copy and paste hack.
  2. LeeD


    With taxes on the way up it's just logical to move operations to a jurisdiction with stable taxation.

    I am just suprised it's Geneva and not Zurich.
  3. onava


    dont be to hasty.. geneva isnt a great city to be
  4. zdreg


    his articles are well chosen.

    to each his own. like tv censors my advise to you is to switch channels
    or put OP on ignore.

    To ASusilovic keep up the good work. you are one of my 1st reads every morning.
  5. Some time ago you gave yourself a good advice :

    "Threads like this show just how worthless this forum is. It's become 99.9 percent worthless, the owners of this site don't care about traders or this shit wouldn't go on. Stop wasting time on this forum and spend more time watching the DOM."

    Why don´t you stick to it ? ;=)
  6. just21


    When the swiss vote for .5% wealth tax on the 28th they will head back to London.
  7. onava


    its all propaganda.. in the financial meltdown.. they said all HF's come Switzerland.. didn't happen.. now the energy business ,,it wont happen... who in London is gonna up they family to move to a place they know is good for ski holiday but boring otherwise.
  8. you make me laugh. i mean yes swiss is kindof boring. but saying london to be better in any way :eek: :eek: :eek:
  9. why were the swiss neutral in ww2? along with the irisish?I small a rat....HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF
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