Genesis your a great brokerage w/ one major problem

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Bluegar3, Mar 23, 2009.

  1. You are lacking a smart router. All other brokerages have one and this is much more efficient than routing to a specifc ECN & paying the routing out fee, plus you subject your order to sweeping through the book. This is the main reason that I do not join your firm. Because I'm a liquity taker, it is actually cheaper for me to pay a little higher in comissions w/ a smart router, vs your low commission and no smart router.

    GET A SMART ROUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. modded laser has a smart router..

    after they put in the new GETCO - we are using GETCO first, and for whatever else that remains, its being resent to other ECNs.
    i've seen a 60% drop in my take-away costs.
  3. promagma


    How can I find the fees and specs for the GETCO route?
  4. not sure what you mean by specs

    the fee we pay is 0.0005 / sh

    if u use laser -the it's right there on the pop-up
  5. kean


    spray key and smart route hot keys lets you direct the order in a ecn sequence but it doesn't work. It's all isld, everytime even if you put only arca in smart or spray it still defaults to isld. Smart and spray are imposters. I have been trying for months to have those keys work as advertised. Apparently it is not a priority. Perhaps there is a special deal with isld in place. Would love to know how if possible to setup a limit hotkey that routes first to getco then isld. Please tell me if it's possible.
  6. you'd need the mod that we use for that.

    PM me - i can direct you better