genesis software question,

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  1. can you have the open book mixed in with the level two , or does it have to be a seperate window,, thanks....
  2. anyone? thanks,
  3. Seperate window.
  4. Is this how all software works? 2 different windows to view open book with the rest?
  5. nope,, some doesnt some does,, however i have recently found out the option to have nyob mixed in the level two with genisis, however it seems the shares are a little off from my other nyob window,,
  6. oh so you can have both on your level 2, they just seam to be a bit slow?
  7. sorry if i dont know whats going on. Ive never traded before just reasearching
  8. not slow ,, just not the same number of shares,, pretty close from what i seen,,not sure why hope to find out,, just glad i found out the option that i could,, was too use to it from the last system,
  9. no worries,, i wouldnt worry about this stuff then for now,, just pick common used software,, start slow and learn from experience,, dont worry about these little details for now, however if your trading listed open book is usefull , so is all available information of what shares are available while getting in and out of trades, especially if scalping.
  10. ok thanks for the help. It seams as if Genesis is highly regarded on this board
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