Genesis securities?

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  1. From reading all the reviews about genesis, they seem pretty darn good, however I dont believe in automated systems, do they have anything else?..i cant tell from their website, its not very well organized.

    Also how do they feel about swing traders?, or is this a pure day trading frim?

    - nate
  2. I was about to use them as a back-up broker, but then I read their clause about disputes - saying if you don't notice it by 10am it's lost - what kind of a policy is that???
  3. dispute over what? obviously, but in what situation?

    - nate
  4. Most brokers agreements are 1 sided in their favor. If you object to those kind of "Cover our asses" contracts, you probably will never sign on to anything. Credit cards, mortgages, rental agreements, etc.
  5. I like Genesis, one of the best brokers and great platform. Wonderful tech support. Funny how people can't recognize a good thing but tend to sign up for the crap like eTrade and stuff.
  6. Well they do look like a great broker, dont get me wrong, but would they be good for a beginner?

    i saw the movie demo section and there are what seem to be HUNDREDS of demo movies...I was just like.."This is going to take forever to learn ". Your thoughts

    side note--- I think all brokers should have user manuals for their software, just my opinion.

    - nate
  7. teddy


    I thought the Laser movie demo is great.

    It shows how customerizable Laser is.

    I only use the features I needed to make money.

    You don't need to read the whole excel manual to use excel.
  8. What kind of deal can I get through Genesis? Their website says they will match anything! Is this true?
  9. How many shares do you average per month?

    How many shares per trade?

    How many trades per day average?

    Depending on these things you will probably get more information.
  10. jmowery i thought you only traded futures? do you trade stocks with genesis?
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