Genesis Securities

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by softdown, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Genesis Securities,

    seem like a good broker.

    Does anyone know their commission structure since it's not available on the site ? The commissions I'm interested in are futures and stocks.
  2. Nobody knows or trades with them ?
  3. ------- they don't operate as a broker dealer anymore. They just sell their software now (laser)
  4. How do you know that ? On their web site they advertise low commissions, foe example here:

    The only problem is that they don't publish those commissions on the web site.

    If you know for sure that they aren't a broker anymore, please confirm.
  5. hitnrun


    the website is not updated. no longer a b/d

    they are a software company now

    You should call them to get all the details
  6. Well, that's a shame.
    Do you know why they decided to abandon the brokerage business ? They seemed very competitive, price and technology wise.
  7. they transferred their broker business to wang investment. I do not know why they quit the broker business. I thought they were doing good job in broker business. any one knows the reason?

  8. tit_head


    Pretty sure some of the big dogs like Red_Ink_inc and MilleniumMan trade using laser. I believe they use BearCapital as a broker.
  9. What other future brokers offer low commissions (less than $0.60/contract) and an API for auto-trading ?