Genesis Securities Selects Trade-Ideas Idea Generation Technology

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    June 21, 2005
    David M. Aferiat, Trade Ideas, LLC
    Managing Partner, Business Development

    Serge Pustelnik, Genesis Securities, LLC
    Business Development Director
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    Genesis Securities Selects Trade-Ideas Idea Generation Technology to Advance its Award Winning Laser Platform and Improve its Customers’ Trading Strategies
    San Diego, CA – Trade Ideas LLC, the premier provider of idea generation technology and real-time analytics to capital market participants, announced today at the 2005 SIA Technology Management Conference in New York City that Genesis Securities is now offering Trade-Ideas pre-trade analytics to develop, modify and historically evaluate trading strategies that scan the entire market, tick-by-tick, to present filtered, validated opportunities.
    “Trade-Ideas exceeded every requirement we asked of it. The no cost, proof-of-concept and simplicity of adding Trade-Ideas’ vast analytical capabilities to our Laser platform were enough to convince us to move forward,” said Serge Pustelnik, Business Development Director for Genesis Securities LLC. “From our customer’s perspective, the flexibility to model any strategy or choose preconfigured set-ups and the tool’s ease of use made Trade-Ideas the only choice for idea generation.”
    The rapid integration of the two applications is the reward of a fast-track implementation process developed by Trade-Ideas’ development team. Their mission is to never be on the critical path to getting a partner’s customers to use Trade-Ideas. The result is more active pipeline of integration work.
    “Genesis Securities’ decision is further testimony of our ability to deliver value, differentiation, flexibility, and performance to our partners and their customers,” said David Aferiat, Managing Partner at Trade Ideas LLC.
    “Genesis Securities is the industry leader in low cost, direct access trading. With the exciting addition of Trade-Ideas and its idea generation capabilities, our customers’ trading performance and risk management are greatly improved. This combination puts our customers into a position of far exceeding conventional trading expectations,” said William Yeh, CEO of Genesis Securities.
    Company Information
    Genesis Securities, LLC.
    Genesis Securities is the industry leader in low cost, direct access trading. With ultra-high bandwidth lines to all major market participants, utilizing economies of scale, Genesis is able to provide traders with the fastest, most reliable execution at the lowest possible cost. The Laser Trading Platform, the proprietary trading platform developed by Genesis Securities, is certified Platinum by NASDAQ, and Genesis Securities is a NASDAQ Certified Platinum Partner. Currently, Laser is the only order-entry trading platform that is ranked on a Platinum level.
    Genesis Securities, LLC is a member of NASD, PCX and SIPC
    Trade Ideas, L.L.C
    As a pure pattern recognition tool, Trade-Ideas’ focus is on providing next level analytics and decision support via its browser-based or downloadable platform. Via Trade-Ideas clients customize an inventory of alerts and filters to produce a unique view of the markets: theirs.
    Recent reviews from Barron’s, HedgeWorld, Active Trader, Stock & Commodities magazine, stock newsletters, and leading brokers describe the service as an accurate, discriminating alert provider that is flexible, simple to deploy, and easy to use. A free trial is offered for 7 days, cancelable at any time, and requires no payment information to get started. For additional product information visit: Copyright © 2005 Trade Ideas, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
  2. good move...
  3. Pretty cool!
  4. so does that mean trade-ideas is included in the genesis platform software fee??
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    I installed Trade Ideas, but can only get free hi/lo ticker when running it thru the Laser. Can someone clarify what exact benefit are we getting with that announcement?
  6. Trade-Ideas is integrated with LASER as the announcement states. The service is the same $45 per month but has the added benefit of being linked to order entry and chart capabilities within LASER. Support for Trade-Ideas is still provided by Trade-Ideas from their website -

    There are trading arrangements for new and existing Genesis Securities customers that provide for the free or sponsored use of Trade-Ideas. Please call your Genesis Securities representative for all the details on how to receive Trade-Ideas for free.
  7. The Free High/Low Ticker ( is the default window for those who download TI Pro from our site and then start using the two systems together. In order to see more strategies and modify them, create an account using this special link for Genesis Securities:

    You can create your account from the Trade-Ideas website, but using this link will make sure you receive any promotional incentives e.g., extended trial, special pricing, etc. (when you subscribe and anytime thereafter). These links will soon be available from the Genesis Securities site as well: