Genesis Securities intends to offer FIX Adapted for Streaming Data Protocol

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    January 31, 2006

    Genesis Securities intends to offer FIX Adapted for Streaming data protocol

    New York, NY. Genesis Securities, LLC is pleased to announce its intention to release the newest version of FIX Adapted for STreaming (FAST) data protocol in early March 2006. Exchange data will be aggregated to a modified FAST protocol format. Genesis plans to deliver a complete low cost, high performance, data solution in a FAST format, thus providing the latest FIX compatible gateway to real-time streaming data and direct market access execution.

    FAST is a modified version of FIX focused on removing the problems associated with FIX when applied to market data. Since previous FIX market data messages were cumbersome and not practical for high throughput data environments, they were not effective in real-time market data. FAST aims to solve this problem by compressing the data and claims to achieve over 80% compression ratio.

    Genesis’ FAST protocol will expose Buy Side and Sell Side clients to a uniform direct data feed from NASDAQ, NYSE, ARCA, AMEX, INET, BRUT and TRACK ECN and other data sources that Genesis currently supports.

    “Combining FAST data with our DMA Agency-only execution engine will create a powerful tool for our institutional clients,” said William Yeh, President and CEO of Genesis Securities, LLC. Genesis is a data vendor that owns and operates its ticker plant on Broad Street in New York. “We believe that this will be a great solution to our clients that do not have a large IT department to keep up with the industry,” said Serge Pustelnik, Business Development Director at Genesis Securities. “Offering a uniform data solution as part of our market data solutions portfolio, and offering it very early in the game is going to give our clients a greater edge.”

    Genesis intends to supply the technology and software solutions to decompress and pass market data to its clients, thus drastically lowering bandwidth requirements and increasing CPU optimization as compared to old FIX specifications. “Clients who subscribe to Genesis FAST data protocol, will receive the data engine and the software to receive it,” explains Jonathan Ohliger, Business Development associate at Genesis Securities. “Uniform FAST messaging will allow us to provide our clients with real time information, creating an easy, single source for low cost and high performance streamed data solution that will support Windows, Linux and Solaris, and other operating platforms. Genesis will support FIX 32-bit and 64-bit encryption as well.”

    About Genesis Securities, LLC.

    Genesis Securities is the industry leader in, direct access trading technology. With redundant, ultra-high bandwidth lines to all major market participants, utilizing economies of scale, Genesis is able to provide Institutional traders with the fast and reliable data & execution solution at a highly competitive cost.

    Genesis offers execution and data solutions by providing an array of easy and powerful APIs, FIX connectivity and the proprietary Genesis Trading Protocol. The Laser Trading Platform is the proprietary trading platform developed by Genesis Securities, a NASDAQ Certified Platinum Partner. Currently, Laser is the only order-entry trading platform that is ranked on a Platinum level. Genesis Securities, LLC, is a member of NASD, PCX, ISE and SIPC.

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