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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rinozeta, May 23, 2004.

  1. rinozeta


    Genesis Securities

    For me ?
    Don't is good ...

    I have request a trial of Laser but they to discriminate to me because i don't have series 7................. ( and they have also retail account ... )

    Bye ....
  2. Phlub


    If your emails are written anything like your post, I would not respond to your request either.
  3. cas


    I requested a trial a few weeks ago. I recieved a prompt reply, and a demo of Laser. They have been very responsive and helpful to date. I do not have a Series7

  4. patsup


    same here, requested a trial, it was easy, i don't have a series 7. even though it wasn't a good fit for me they were nice
  5. nochoice


    I like their personalized customer service.
    I requested a new feature(rapid entry ,type in an order string) in their laser software to better suit my trading style. They made it within a week .

    Now I plan to move most my transaction to my genesis account.
  6. Serge Pustelnik

    Serge Pustelnik Genesis Securities

    Please contact me directly - we give trials regardless of your license status. I am sorry you were having trouble - we try to accommodate as best we can!
  7. EricP


    I am envious of your experience with them so far.

    I went up to visit Genesis about a month ago and was impressed with the folks that I met (the founder William, as well as Serge and a developer, Ken). For my trading, I will need some custom work done by their developers to integrate my automated system with their order and quote servers before I will be able to begin trading.

    Since this custom work would be useful only to myself and not others, they requested that I pay for their development time, which was very fair and I happily agreed. I sent them a check two weeks ago, and was told that they would be able to begin doing the necessary work one week later. The work was expected to take about a week.

    I was hoping to have the work done by now, enabling me to begin trading with them very soon. Unfortunately, I found out today that they would be at least another three weeks from now before they would be able to get to the work that I needed done.

    I was very disappointed to hear this, as I had already paid for the work to be done, and had previously been told that it would be done relatively quickly (one week delay to start, and one week to complete). Instead, it sounds like it will be at least a 5 weeks delay before they will start and another week to get the work done.

    I am still very optimistic that they will be an excellent firm. I do 250k to 500k shares per day, so their volume pricing will save me a few bucks over the long term, assuming that their reliability and speed are also sufficient. However, I am hoping that they will be able to get to my integration work sooner rather than later.

    I'm glad to hear of the great customer service that you have experienced with Genesis to date, and am hoping for the same for my benefit soon.

    Good luck,

    P.S. In the meantime, please do no request any new features until AFTER they get my work done! :)

  8. EricP


    There must be quite a lot of interest in Genesis, as I've gotten several messages since my last post asking for more information on my experiences with Genesis.

    Based upon these messages and rereading my prior post, I see that the post may have come across more negative towards Genesis than I intended. The truth is that I am very excited about getting up and running with them soon. Their volume commission rates will save me $500+ per day, and from what I saw of their facilities, they should have excellent speed and reliability (although this can only be confirmed obviously through first-hand trading experience).

    My only issue with them to date has been this delay with having a developer available to support my integration needs (not a huge deal). I will post again on ET with my experiences going forward with the integration into their systems, as well as the speed and reliability of their systems once I am up and running. I fully expect these to all be excellent, or I wouldn't be taking the time and effort to configure my trading for this firm.

    Feel free to post or PM any additional questions, but I hope that this clears up my experiences and views thus far.

    Best of luck,
  9. Typical software development delays. Its expected.
    Anytime a developer tells you it will take X time, multiply by 4
    for an ACCURATE estimate :D


  10. Turok


    In other words..."they are falling behind right on schedule".


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