Genesis Releases New Genesis Trading Protocol

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  1. Serge Pustelnik

    Serge Pustelnik Genesis Securities

    Monday, July 18, 2005
    New York – Monday July 18, 2005 - Genesis Releases New Genesis Trading Protocol
    Genesis Securities, LLC. is proud to announce the release of a new order entry protocol, entitled GTP, or Genesis Trading Protocol.

    GTP is utilized to communicate with Genesis’ execution servers. With GTP, orders can be entered via a simple text format. This minimizes programming time, as the order entry syntax does not require advanced coding or FIX knowledge. All GTP orders are sent to the Genesis system directly, bypassing any extra servers, which results in increased speed and greater stability.

    GTP is both platform and programming environment neutral. It works with any OS whether MS-Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS, or .Net, as well as any programming language. “The protocol will create greater compatibility for our clients. They will be able to connect to us using any system and will not be limited to our API or FIX,” said Ken He, Chief Technology Officer for Genesis Securities, LLC.

    “With the release of GTP, we are now positioning Genesis as the premier provider of automated trading strategies for both institutional and retail clients,” said William Yeh, President and CEO of Genesis Securities, LLC. “The new protocol facilitates ease of use and faster order processing. This, combined with Genesis’ direct access lines and ultra low transaction costs, establishes Genesis as a leader in the automated trading field”.

    When compared to FIX, GTP is much quicker in terms of order transmission time, as well as more intuitive in terms of programming. GTP supports any type of automated trading strategy, including black box and gray box, as well as any interactive front end.

    The Protocol is available for download from Genesis’ website:

    About Genesis Securities, LLC
    Genesis Securities is the industry leader in low cost, direct access trading. With ultra-high bandwidth lines to all major market participants, utilizing economies of scale, Genesis is able to provide traders with the fastest, most reliable execution at the lowest possible cost.
    Genesis offers automated trading solution by making providing an array of powerful APIs, FIX connectivity and the proprietary Genesis Trading Protocol.
    The Laser Trading Platform, the proprietary trading platform developed by Genesis Securities, is certified Platinum by NASDAQ, and Genesis Securities is a NASDAQ Certified Platinum Partner. Currently, Laser is the only order-entry trading platform that is ranked on a Platinum level. Genesis Securities, LLC is a member of NASD, PCX and SIPC.

    Serge Pustelnik, Genesis Securities, LLC
    Business Development Director
    212-668-0888 x117
  2. nitro


    So I assume from the above that FIX is still supported?

  3. What about data? When are you going to publish the protocol for the data feed? Entering orders from linux is useless if you cannot receive tick data.
  4. Congratulations to Genesis.....

    I am an extremely satisfied client of Genesis....

    Thank you for your vision and hard work...

    I have no doubt that you will dominate the professional trading arena...

    Again.......Thank you !!!!!!!!!

  5. Serge Pustelnik

    Serge Pustelnik Genesis Securities

    FIX will also be supported.

    We can also disseminate data via UDP (in conjunction with GTP).

    Please contact us for more info.

  6. tntneo

    tntneo Moderator

    I have a question Serge,

    if hosted in NY, can an API Client monitor 500 stocks using level 2 ?
    I bet it is not possible remotely, but on your local network, it should.. is it ?

  7. I don't know about half of what that PR talks about but one thing I do know is I have had a lot of problems the last couple weeks with Laser, mainly at the open and close but I hope they fix this ASAP!
  8. Where can I get sample code to use the Genesis API? I downloaded the Laser Standard API documenation v1.0 but it dosn't seem like there are any examples. Did I download the right version or is there some "easier api"

    Thanks Mike
  9. If anyone has been using the Genesis Trading Protocol, please tell us your experiences and post some examples of actual order strings.