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    Serge Pustelnik Genesis Securities

    July 26, 2005. New York - Genesis Securities is proud to announce its presence at the RealityTrader Open House on July 28. RealityTrader is hosting a free open house event at Twice a year, RealityTrader opens their popular interactive trading room to the general trading community. This event is being held on July 28th and July 29th, 2005.

    Topics will include:

    July 28: 12:00PM EST
    Serge Pustelnik, Business Development Director of Genesis Securities will
    present the NASDAQ Certified Platinum Laser Trading Platform.


    Tired of Being in the Game without a Game Plan?
    How Many Times are you Distracted by Something you
    never should have Traded?

    Getting Ideas from the Same Well Everyone Else is
    Drinking from? Need a Game Plan for Your Trading?

    Scan with Intelligence: IntelliScan.
    On July 29, the developer of RealityTrader
    Intelliscan will be here to give an interactive
    tutorial of IntelliScan. July 29, 12PM EST,
    1 hour long.

    Login Information:

    To login, Please download the chat program and use any
    username and password to enter the room.

    Reality Trader Team

    PS. Come to the open days to receive a discount coupon to
    Vad's latest book "Master Profit Plan":
    About Genesis Securities, LLC
    Genesis Securities is the industry leader in low cost, direct access trading. With ultra-high bandwidth lines to all major market participants, utilizing economies of scale, Genesis is able to provide traders with the fastest, most reliable execution at the lowest possible cost.
    Genesis offers automated trading solution by making providing an array of powerful APIs, FIX connectivity and the proprietary Genesis Trading Protocol.
    The Laser Trading Platform, the proprietary trading platform developed by Genesis Securities, is certified Platinum by NASDAQ, and Genesis Securities is a NASDAQ Certified Platinum Partner. Currently, Laser is the only order-entry trading platform that is ranked on a Platinum level. Genesis Securities, LLC is a member of NASD, PCX and SIPC.

    Serge Pustelnik, Genesis Securities, LLC
    Business Development Director
    212-668-0888 x117
  2. Too bad that they don't have anyone competent to answer the phone.:(
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    It would be very nice Genesis could finally make an effort in replying customers' calls/emails in a timely fashion. It has been long over due. Thanks.
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    Yeah you are right genesis never replies