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    Serge Pustelnik Genesis Securities

    Hi Everyone,

    I saw some questions in the other thread and I will start a new one to answer many of your concerns. Please post questions here.

    We are a primarily a proprietary trading firm, however we also accept Retail Accounts. The rates are still the same, however there is a $1.00 / ticket minimum for retail accounts. Also, leverage is greater and min contribution is smaller for Prop accounts.

    Our retail accounts are fully sipc insured

    We offer leveraged retail LLC accounts

    The commission rates are correct. First month, regardless of your share volume, you will receive the best (level I) rate found on our website.

    We are currently clearing through Computer Clearing Services. We are approved by the NASD to be self-clearing and are waiting for the final approval from dtcc which we hope will happen soon. The rates are the same in any case.

    We have been around for quite some time. Currently we do 1 - 2% of NASDAQs total trading volume. At our peak we did over 6% of daily trading volume

    We offer API to automated traders (both prop and retail - we are very fast - our ping times attests to that). We have a dedicated staff to cater to the automated "black box" needs.

    Please post more questions and concerns and I would be glad to address them.
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    Do you have any other offices aside from the one in New York that a prop trader can trade out of?
    Also, how much leverage can you give a prop trader?
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    Serge Pustelnik Genesis Securities

    We have one location in Fort Lee, NJ and we accept remote prop traders

    Leverage depends on "safeness" of the trader. We are very conservative with leverage to protect other prop traders in the firm. We do not want to overleverage anyone to prevent traders from "blowing up." That way all of our traders feel comfortable with our firm: we always pay out on time, and there is not much risk of holding your money in the prop account.

    As a matter of leverage, you can email me or call me directly and we can discuss the arrangement that way.


    "and there is much risk of holding your money in the prop account."

    Might want to edit that
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    Serge Pustelnik Genesis Securities

    Thanks a lot - didn't notice that typo!

    All the best to you!
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    Serge Pustelnik Genesis Securities

    That's exactly what I was thinking.

    Seriously - no. :)
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    Serge Pustelnik Genesis Securities

  10. looks like a good deal. what is the minimum capital contribution for your prop traders ? on a side note, on first glance, your logo looks like the old soviet sicle and hammer flag. perhaps you should talk to your design team ?? or is that just my twisted mind ? LOL !

    surfer :)
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