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  1. Hi,

    Just wondering what are the names of the genesis prop firms?
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  3. But neither of these firms take traders in the U.S.?
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    JC Trading definitely takes traders in the US.

  5. I just called and they said, no. They are still re-structuring. Who knows how long that'll take
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  7. Before you put any money with one of these firms, have you heard about Tuco Trading? That is the reason JC Trading isn't taken any traders in the U. S.
  8. I've been with another prop firm 1 month, have series 7 & 63 and am getting 55 soon. Most of my capital is locked up for another 11 months there.

    I have been doing some system development kicking the tires on OpenQuant. I like it and I intend to deploy an ATS with it.

    OpenQuant works with the Genesis API out of the box.

    Is there a prop deal available with the following parameters and with which I can use the Genesis API? Feel free to PM me.

    - capital contribution of $3k or less
    - buying power of at least 100k (positions are cross-hedged with an index, average hold time of about an hour)
    - volume of approx. 200k shares per month
    - commissions of $4/1000 or lower for 100% payout
    - platform fees of $100/mo or less
    - also willing to consider profit split for lower commissions or capital contribution

    My alternative is to try to get the FIX adapter in OQ to work with my firm. It's possible but I'd rather use a tested system.
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    Think bearcapital has stopped taking any new traders

    Their site says:
    "We are currently not accepting any new investors and/or members"

    When I emailed them a few questions about rates/platform ets they never replied. Anyone with them at the moment who can confirm this?
  10. I email bearcapital and also haven't got a reply.
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