Genesis PM Spamming

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by nyc-hotshot, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Anyone else getting this stupid Genesis Spam in their PM box on ET:

    From user: noisebasement

    Subject: genesis retail

    hello have you heard of genesis securities? we are currently growing our retail prop hybrid base. With only a 5K account, you can get 10:1 intraday leverage, and standard 2:1 for overnight. Would you be interested in learning more?



    Is this annoying crap even allowed on ET? It shouldnt be if it is.
    I guess Gensis is that desperate that they've turned to spamming PMs? What losers.
  2. Wow, a whole 10:1 leverage on your $5000 deposit!!!!

    $50,000 intraday buying power....Woooo-Hoooo!!!!! :D
  3. Bullshit :mad:

    Identify yourself NOW
  4. I see nothing wrong with SPAM, that's what the Delete is for. A RAT is worst than a SPAMMER.
  5. Serge Pustelnik

    Serge Pustelnik Genesis Securities

    Genesis does not solicit any clients directly through Private Messaging.

    These messages that you have received are NOT messages sent by any of our representatives.
  6. Then who are they, helpful people looking to do u charity?
    U sound like a politician trying to cover his tracks.

    Get bent
  7. The guy who sent that is an introducing broker to Genesis. I have spoken to him before and he's a good guy.