Genesis New Laser Release

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  1. Genesis Securities has just released a new version of our Platinum ranked direct access trading platform, Laser. We have implemented excellent additions for imbalance trading, added the NSX route, as well as VWAP position display and mouse order entry route management. Full details below.

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    1. Added font/color selection for highlighted symbol in “NYSE Alert” window. This will help the trader the find the Alert easily when it is linked to the “Level 2” window. The color of the letters is blue in previous version and it is hard to see. Right click the Alert window and you will get a pop-up dialog to select the font/color you want.

    2. Added the highlight ability in “NYSE Imbalance All” window when linked to the “Level 2” window. Font/color selection is also supported. Right click the Imbalance-All window and you will get a pop-up dialog to select the font/color you want.

    3. Support double sort in “NYSE Alert” view and “NYSE Imbalance-All”. PRESS CTRL if you want to select a column as the secondary sorting column. Without CTRL key, the column you selected will change to the primary sorting column.
    4.Add average price window in Blotter. The average price window will provide useful information for the volume weighted average price for all transactions. It's calculated by per symbol/per side.

    5. Revolving ECN Bid/Offer. Add a new tab “Favorite ECNs” in property Trading Settings. You can select only your favorite ECNs to Level 2 window from all available ECNs. Switch your favorite ECNs by define the hotkey in program keyboard “Switch Favorite ECN”.

    6. Tick Message Window - This window tracks a trader's position tick by tick with a corresponding message. For Example: If a trader buys 500 shares of XYZ and the next tick on the stock is a high bid for 100 shares on ARCA. The message window would display a green tick with the following message: 11:50:36 (Time) 500 (Trader's Position) 21.32 (Average Price) ARCA High Bid (message). Right now we use the time and sale data to track
    the position.

    7. Added NSX prints.

    8. Added NSX hot key: Bid, Ask, Buy, Sell

    9. Added EDGA support for NYSE symbols

    10. Turn on command line login. To login in command line, run Laser with command parameter like this: "trader /u: USERNAME /p: password"