Genesis Navigator vs. Neoticker

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  1. I've got it narrowed down to these two but I can't decide. Installing the demos and learning them will take some time so before doing so I thought I'd ask here if anyone has compared the two. That could help me pick one to start. If not I'll post my experience in evaluating the two.

    One thing I like about Trade Navigator is that they have video tutorials. I just spent an hour watching one on creating a custom indicator & strategy and backtesting it. It looked very intuitive and easy to use.

    Spydertrader uses it and I respect his judgement.

    Some disadvantages of Genesis:

    - I sent an email to ask about a trial version and didn't get a reply

    - Their website totally sucks. no details about their datafeeds or anything else. It's as if they don't want to sell it.

    - It seems to only work with their datafeed. That sucks. I have IQ and if I get Genesis feed then it wouldn't work with other software.


    - I haven't found a video tutorial on creating a strategy and backtesting it but Im going to ask in their user forums.

    - the USB key is a drag cause it means physically mailing a box and that means customs duty and hassle (potentially).

    on the positive side, neoticker seems to have very enthousiastic support from its users. I haven't seen one complaint.
    They also have a lot of tutorials on the net which look very good. It works with many data feeds including IQ.

    So far my pick is neoticker, I plan to install the trial and start learning it.
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  3. Hi Tums, I found that post by Spyder. If he's using it that's a good endorsement. In fact, many famous trades use Genesis, there is a list of endorsements on their website. It's expensive and their data is expensive, but it just may be worth it.

    I'm currently evaluating NeoTicker. My first comment is that the user interface is really funky. :)

    I plan to try the Genesis trial next.
  4. It's unfortunate that Genesis Tradenavigator does not offer Volume Profile or Market Profile tools... :(