Genesis Navigator vs Market Delta

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  1. cleon


    Hey guys,

    I was looking at these platforms specifically for the footprint charts (net volume at bid vs ask) and was wondering if anyone had any experience with them. Specifically I have the following questions:

    1) are they similar in functionality
    2) which datafeed are you using
    3) do you find the information useful for intraday trading
    4) do you prefer one over the other for any specific reason
    5) are there other products that offer similar functionality?

    Currently I'm fully TradeStation.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I'll trade you your tradestation for my Genesis.

    I've currently got Genesis, and I think I'm going to be gonig tradestation here shortly.

    Genesis is ok, but the version I have sucks.
  3. hsmc1970


    I find Navigator gold good do you have the latest version 4.2 build 835?

  4. Yes, that is the build I have.

    But I have the standard version, or 'Silver'.

    It's somewhat limited in what it can do. And I'm not interested in spending the amount of money needed to have a version I want.

    I think this will be the last month I am with Genesis?

    So Tradestation here I come. :(
  5. With TT X trader - x study (Charting) you can show volume at bid and ask as an upside and downside volume histogram at the bottom of the chart.

    They also got cumulative market delta
  6. cleon


    What datafeed do you guys use behind Genesis?
  7. cleon


    Thanks BoyBrutus - do you mind linking their main site?
  8. I use the Genesis Platinum Platform, and really enjoy the functionality. While Genesis' Tradesense (Trade Navigator coding Language) does not currently have the power of Tradestation's Language, improvements occur almost daily from Genesis. More importantly, Genesis listens to its users and rapidly implements improvements which come from the client base. Something not all software developers do. With respect to Silver, Gold or Platinum, I feel most people need, at minimum, the Gold Level. Platinum represents overkill for many, and Silver just doesn't have all the bells and whistles needed (most noteably, the Tic by Tic replay which comes with Gold).


    - Spydertrader
  9. Sterris


    So they have the same functionality of market delta and market profile for longer timeframes also?
  10. I would second that. I've got silver, and it doesn't even allow you to create serious studies. Also back testing different strategies automatically isn't an option either.

    If Gold is that package that has all that, then that's great.
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