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  1. Serge Pustelnik

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    From Baron:

    In today's highly competitive trading environment, more and more traders are using NASDAQ for automated trading and for trading NYSE and AMEX to avoid specialists. In order to implement strategies like these, a trader should have access to NASDAQ OpenView, which displays individual market participant interest available at all price levels for NYSE and AMEX securities.

    To help shed some light on the advantages of OpenView, we will be hosting an online chat session with Oliver Albers and William O'Brien from NASDAQ's "Market Data Distribution" division. The session will take place in the Elite Trader Chat Room on Wednesday, December 7th @ 4:30PM ET.

    Also present will be Serge Pustelnik from Genesis Securities, one of the first firms to deliver OpenView service through their Laser trading platform. Laser is certified "Platinum" by NASDAQ and is currently the only order-entry trading platform that is ranked on a Platinum level.

    I encourage you to attend this session, as this is a rare opportunity to actually interact with NASDAQ executives and other industry professionals about a core product like OpenView.
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    Special thanks goes out to all who attended. For those who missed the event, the log can be found here.