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  1. Genesis is aware of the recent quote issues and it is our #1 priority.

    The current data volume send out by the exchanges and the ECNs has increased tremendously due the REG NMS, hybrid, etc. For example, the NYSE data has more than doubled to tripled compare to a few months ago. Same with other exchanges and ECNs.

    We have optimized our quote servers and everyone should see much better performance. We see 0 dropped packets out of close to 30 million packets a day in our data center. Traders on the dedicated lines are seeing good quotes as well. We are investing quite a bit in additional technology and coding advanced algorithms to handle the massive amounts of data.

    Today we have benchmarked Laser vs 2 major other platforms during Fed numbers release and Laser quotes were exceptionally clean, much more so than the others.

    This is a quick explanation on how Laser is sending quotes:

    To ensure the correct quotes, we are sending the quotes using the TCP protocol. The TCP protocol is like sending data via registered mail. Laser will make sure the trader gets the quote. However, if a trader has a slow connection or a slow computer and is pulling a large amount of quotes, the quotes may not be processed in time. The quote data will be queued up in the quote server and the quote server will try to resend. During this time, the quote server may be slowed down. If the data in the queue is excessive, Laser will disconnect the trader with the slow connection or computer to free up quote server and to protect other trader who is on the same quote server.
    Genesis sends the quote data and ALL orders via the TCP protocol.

    Another way to send quotes is thru the UDP protocol. UDP is like regular mail. Delivery is not guaranteed. There will be lots of drop packets and bad quotes. Trader will experience major problems.
    Genesis does not send data via UDP on the Internet.

    Some handy tips if you connect remotely:

    Make sure you have a decent computer – fast CPU, 1 to 2 G of RAM.

    Turn off unnecessary L2 windows as this slows your CPU down. You can tell the amount of data being pulled in kilobytes on bottom right-hand corner of laser window. Turn off unnecessary L1 data such as Boardview if you do not need it. You can see how much L1 data you pull in single digits (1 is 1 set of data, 2 is 2, etc.) on bottom right-hand corner. A reasonable amount is 2-3 L2 windows and 60 L1 symbols.

    Turn off firewalls and anti-virus as that eats CPU resources and also sometimes interferes with data transmission.

    Enable Auto-Correction (green checkmark to the right of printer icon).

    If you see stuck quotes, it can be ECNs that are having data problems – you can temporarily hide bad order books via Settings by right clicking on L2 – Hidden MM tab.

    You can temporarily remove bad quotes on the L2 by highlighting them with mouse and pressing the delete key.

    Keep a close eye on your CPU utilization.

    A direct line is always best – trading over internet depends on many hops between you and us – the more hops there are the more variables can affect your connectivity.

    -Genesis Customer Support
    212 668 0888
  2. teddy


    Laser is great.
    The quotes were super clean even with the Feds.

    A trader next to me was using another platform.
    His Level 2 quotes were crossed.
    His time and sales were also wrong - from a few seconds behind to 30 seconds behind.
    Even when things were clam, Laser quotes are visibly faster to some times a few seconds.

    I think Genesis has resolved the issues.

    We all know things may not work perfect all the time.

    I'm glad Genesis listen to the customers and resolve the problems quickly.
  3. Excellent Commentary.......

    I too watched more than one data feed vs remote...and Genesis was notably faster and cleaner...

    At least from what I do....just like trading have to adapt to what the market gives you...

    People that trade remote...need to have a clearer picture of how things actually work....and have clear avenues on how to resolve issues....

    ISP issues....router hardware issues....and other issues that effect fast ...clean data....

    What would be useful is to somehow create simple solutions...for issues that really are not that simple....however are going to the worlds exchanges consolidate...lower commissions....and create even more tradable instruments....than we have now....

    I am very proud of what the Genesis people are doing....and am very greatful that they are not just trying to build mass to lump into the common advertising model which capitalizes on the 100 to 400 share order market...

    Hang in there Genesis.....your company really is shaping up the trading landscape for the more serious remote trading population...

    These issues will be partitioned out amongst both the company and clients...and all..... will move forward.....
  4. kidkash


    I have had no problems while running Laser for the last couple of days. I usally run multiple L2s and have many other windows within laser open. I am happy that everything is back to normal. Even on Lasers bad days it was alot more superior then some of the other platforms I traded with. Thanks Genesis for fixing this problem.

    I look forward to doing lots more trading in the future.

    Thanks again! :)
  5. Singer


    I agree there have been problems at Genesis for the past few months. It hasn't been easy on any of us, but as someone who's been with Genesis since the fall of 2004, I've experienced them as they've grown to be pretty much the best company I've ever traded at. Throughout my time with them, their problems have either been solved immediately, or, in cases like we've had lately, are just a sign of a growing company plateauing before bringing us bigger and better things.

    Moreover it seems these quote problems have been fixed. I've been trading carefully and scaling back during the past few months but this week I've found myself piling in because everything has been working so well. Not one quote out of place, not one slowdown when the market volume spikes. I was waiting for the true test, yesterday's fed announcement, and I'm happy to say my quotes and speed were immaculate throughout.

    I'm not a Genesis yes-man; I was complaining louder than anyone during the past couple of months (just not on EliteTrader). But I have been really happy with how awesome Laser has been working this week and I'm confident they can keep it up the way they did for my first two years with them, when Genesis had no competitors even coming close to matching them.

    THE KICKASS LASER IS BACK BABY! Let's make some ca$h!!!
  6. Hilmar


    I've been trading Laser for 5 years now. Over the last 3 months (yes, it's true) there has been some quote issues but I know Genesis has been working on solving it. They informed us that they are updating hardware and software to fix the issues. Alex Kravets has been dealing with all my problems and as of Wednesday quotes are super fast!! Even when the fed came out with numbers it did not freeze once..

    Keep up the good work.. I would never switch softwares.. Laser is the best.

  7. How do you set up a direct connection to your broker without using the internet if you are trading remote?
  8. Well I am happy to say that LASER is fixed and working great.

    Not sure exactly what you guys did, but I am very happy that you guys have laser working top notch again.

    The way I figure out how good the quotes are, is to compare with other platforms and I have to say the last few days laser has been kicking some ass.

    Nice work!

  9. Ascalp


    Since I have been reading the different posts here at EliteTrader I have never left a post until now. I have been using Genesis now for over 6 months and could not be happier. When I learned about Genesis and that they catered to the Day Trader mainly because of accurate and fast quotes it was pretty much a no brainer. I checked them out and sure enough they consistently out performed the platform broker that I previously used in a major way.

    I have seen a few glitches along the way, but hardly even noticed. It was Genesis usually notifying me that they were aware of a problem (problems with the exchange, etc) and were on top of it. Every now and then they send out reports to notify us of how they have implemented various upgrades, like even increasing the current speed to a faster speeds. The last couple of days with RIMM’s earnings (beautiful quotes) and the FOMC reporting I didn’t see any problems at all.

    They are doing good work over there. Thank you Genisis.
  10. I have personlay tried their laser sotware and i have been on different platforms
    I think laser is the best for NASDAQ super fast
    #10     Jun 30, 2007