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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by foible, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. foible


    I'm having a terrible time trying to get even the simplest automated programs working using Genesis Laser's API. I've got the .NET API to connect and get data for a couple symbols but orders are silently ignored. I turned to the C++ API and I am getting assertion failed errors in wincore.cpp, and this is with a sample program supplied by Genesis!

    In C++, the error happens when I try to log in. Immediately I get a dialog which says:

    Debug Assertion Failed!

    Program: Stocastic.exe
    File: f:\dd\vctools\vc7libs\ship\atlmfc\src\mfc\wincore.cpp
    Line: 4443

    The debugger shows this at the lines in wincore.cpp:

    BOOL CWnd::SetOccDialogInfo(_AFX_OCC_DIALOG_INFO*)
    ASSERT(FALSE); // this class doesn't support dialog creation
    return FALSE;

    I don't have an extensive background in C++ (I'm a Java guy, really) so I'm not sure what to do to debug this and when I ask Genesis or my broker they have been unhelpful.

    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? If you think this isn't a simple fix and you have some mad C++ skills and would like to help, PM me to discuss rates.
  2. stocastic.exe? that doesn't sound like a gen demo.

    make sure your mfc libs are current.
  3. foible


    Ironically, I suspect that the problem may be that my libs are too current. Everyone I've talked to who has got the C++ API working is using Visual Studio 2003 or 2005 when I'm using 2008. I've been trying to find some older copies of VS to see if that will help. What a pain.
  4. RedRat


    Yes it does not work with VS2008, use 2005 instead.
  5. foible


    Thank to all the suggestions. Yes, with Visual Studio 2005 Professional and the older MFC I was finally able to compile and run without obviously crapping out. Will have to wait till Monday to test it properly but this is the closest I've been able to come.

    And as much as I'm impressed by ET readers, I'm disappointed/disgusted with Genesis for neglecting to maintain their products. It's virtually impossible to find copies of VS 2005 though any mainstream channel. They should be ashamed of themselves.