Genesis Investment Partners (Stamford, Ct)

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  1. I applied for a junior trader position at Genesis Investment Partners (Stamford) and got accepted for an interview. Has anyone ever heard of this firm? It's strange because I could not find the company on the web. It is also not registered on EDGAR. My only explanation is that they are maybe affiliated/ run by Access Securities (also in Stamford). On the job site it also stated that the two share the same building. Has anyone ever heard of either Access Securities or Genesis Partners?

    I'm really excited for my upcoming interview. If anyone can provide any advice for the junior trader position that would be greatly appreciated.

    - Monty
  2. JosephLin


    I actually just came back from an interview with Genesis. Yes they are affiliated with Access Securities and Access International. It's a brand new start up prop desk. The office is a little far from the city (Where I'm from) but it definitely helps to go against traffic.
  3. can you tell me me more about Genesis Investment Partners? I would really like to know if anyone has any info on this firm. Also, how do they differ from Trillium Trading?
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    I was interested in applying to Genesis for their junior broker position and wanted to see how you guys made out at the company and any thoughts or comments you have about your experience with Genesis and working for them??
  5. ScottD


    Joseph, Alchemist, Jayzin,

    I would recommend Shillington Capital LLC over Genesis anyday. Genesis is shady.
  6. jayzin3


    I dont mean to pry but can you elaborate as to why they're shady? Did you have a bad experience with them, if so what happened/?
  7. Scott,

    Are you talking about the new startup GENESIS INVESTMENT PARTNERS (related to Access Securities) in Stamford, Ct? I know there is another prop firm by the name of Genesis that advertises on this site. Is there a chance you may have confused the two?

    Thanks for post, looking foward to hearing your response. It would certainly reassure me.

    - Monty
  8. jayzin3


    Ya Im asking about Genesis Investment Partners in Stamford, CT. I recently graduated from SCSU and they have a flyer advertising their junior trader position posted in the career services office on campus. Before I applied for an interview I just wanted to get your position on the company and your experiences. ANYTHING you can share with me would be greatly appreciated. Im just trying to get any information from someone who has actually been on an interview for the position. Does it seem like something you were interested in and could you give me any details about the position like training, salary, etc. Thanks a lot and hope to hear back from you.
  9. hey jay,

    I sent you a PM yesteryday.. I replied to your original message. Check your inbox... The info is in that message...

    But like I said in the msg, I will start working only at July 7th, so I don't have any experience yet...
  10. Saien


    congrats on the offer monty. I have an interview with them tomorrow. I would greatly appreciate any advice for the interview and any info about the firm. Thanks!
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