Genesis day-trading

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  1. Anyone blackboxing out of this firm? What's the avg latency and round-trip time on an order pushed out to the NYSE?

    Their info on the website has to be totally outdated.
  2. we are.

    We are co-loed at their 50 broad office for some bbxes. Roughly < 1.3ms on inet is what we are getting, slightly over 1.5ms on everything else.

    We wanted to colo- directly at nasdaq but figured wasn't worth the cost for extra portion of milliseconds - altough they gave us that option.

    good luck
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    Speaking of Genesis, for those using Laser how has the platform performed lately? Any problems?
  4. Haven't had a problem in a long time. All the old issues have been solved and haven't come back. Runs flawlessly.
  5. does genesis offer prop deals now?
  6. No Genesis is just retail. For prop you have to go with a sub LLC under Genesis.
  7. Laser is good for blackboxes, not so much for manual traders
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    Why isn't it good for manual traders? Are there problems with the front end?
  9. Does the quote get lagged when there's a volume surge - ie, fomc, econ data release, etc?
  10. You don't trade on Laser do you? I trade manually on Laser, sometimes trading as many as 4 million shares a day. A friend of mine who also trades manually makes my daily volume seem small.

    Neither of us could do what we do on another platform. Been there tried that.

    If you can find me a better platform for manual trading, I'd love to hear it.
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