Genesis: best speed and price combo?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Option Trader, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. Any retail firm comparable to Genesis in terms of speed and price (i.e. for those who trade stock in volume)?
    ...not necessarily automated trading.
  2. kjsnow25


    I would imagine there are a few competitors out there that compare on the technology and the cost front with Genesis. Redsky is mentioned here quite a bit, as is Lime Brokerage; I'm sure there are others. Speeds will always be relative around here, too, each poster here seems to equate ping times with speeds. More often than not, the total round trip speed to a market center - with internal processing time - is not measured. Nor is any mention of checks for buying power, availabilty of short, risk management (you know, the things that reputable brokers might worry about!)

    Also, costs around here are a funny thing; there aren't many brokers that quote full pass through rates or a flat all in per share rate without a slew of if-then scenarios and volume hoops.

    For the high volume traders, the power lies with them to go out and seek out the best technology at a price that makes sends for them. Generic rate shopping is pretty meaningless if the underlying trader isn't cranking out the 50K a day volume necessary - automated or not, there's not usually a hitch with some of these brokers - at a "hands off" or low maintenance type of customer - that isn't risky! for some of these places to handle.

    I'm sure there are plenty of places that compete for a price for a high volume US equities trader. We just never really see a decent discussion of that 'round we??
  3. Thank you for Lime Brokerage; agreed = a viable alternative.
    Redsky, not for this.