Genesis-based prop firm with low comissions.

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  1. Hello, guys.

    My trading volume is about 10mil shares per month and I pay to my prop(CYgroup) 0.0035 per share. I have 100% payout but anyway I think $35000 it's too much. Do you know some alternative Genesis-based prop's with 10+ leverage and lower commissions? Thanks.
  2. Why only Genesis?

    Assent, Hold brothers, etc (not Bright) all offer rates that are better than that.
  3. Hahaha. Yeah ok. You are smart enough to find a strategy that overcomes the cost of commissions, ecn, and sec fees on 10,000,000 volume (min $40,000 gross) but too stupid to negotiate a better rate than .0035 on 10mill.

    And 1 post.

    Sorry sir, your inquiry does not seem credible.
  4. Genesis because of it's API. It's very convenient for me.
  5. I hope you have a lot of fun ;) For some time commissions was not the most important question for me, now - it is. So I want know typical rates.
  6. Assent (Anvil platform) has an API. Also, there's a thread with a bunch of experts commenting on this forum.
  7. I wouldn't want to misdirect here, but I am under the impression that Cy can offer 0.35/1000, which is 1/10th of what you say you are paying. The payout might be a little under 100% at that rate though. And no, this does not represent a quote of any kind.
  8. there are plenty of Genesis based LLC'S in NYC but nobody on this board will mention any other than CY.
  9. Unfortunately I'm not living in NY and I want to trade remotely from abroad with 100% payout and commissions compared with IB unbundled for such volumes.
  10. How can they be profitable at that rate ? How can there be such a drastic difference in rates between 2 competing firms ?
    I mean look at the situation with FedEx vs. UPS.....wouldn't it be crazy if one could deliver a package for $1 and the other for $10 ?
    This whole thing of prop rates and terms and conditions is driving me pretty crazy.
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