Genesis API - Getting Data

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  1. Does anyone know how I can receive data through the API? All the manuals seem to only indicate how I can send orders and connect; I don't see anything about accessing the data. Specifically I want to reference the time and sales data and the market depth data. Do I need to use a separate program like Realtick for the data or can I use Genesis' proprietary data? If I can use Genesis' data, please tell me how to access it with the API. Thanks.
  2. Have bart get in touch with tech for this.
  3. Bart Simpson?

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  5. getting the Genesis data is actually quite simple. Which version do you know. I'm using the C++ one. if you need to get data you should create a class derived from GTStock..

    class CMyStock : public GTStock

    then you create a stock by using this...
    m_session.CreateStock(A STOCK);

    you get the data by using a realtime event handler, like

    but I'm still in the dark of how to get level 2 data and use it