Genes decide if coffee hurts or helps your heart

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  1. People with a genetic makeup that causes them to metabolise caffeine more slowly have a 36% greater risk of heart attack if they drink two to three cups of coffee a day than people with the same gene who drink one cup or less a day, according to a new study. And if they drink more than four cups, this risk rises to 64%.

    “Our data suggest that the longer caffeine is lingering in the system, the more harm it can do,” says Ahmed El-Sohemy at the University of Toronto, Canada, who led the study.

    On the other hand, individuals who metabolised caffeine quickly and consumed two to three cups of coffee a day had a 22% reduction in the risk of heart attack compared with those with the same genetic makeup who consumed just one cup or less each day.
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    the majority of you morons are eating yourselves into premature death anyway a little caffiene aint gonna make a diff one way or another for you so enjoy your coffee
  3. I read that article. So how do you know if you are a fast or slow metabolizer? Sounds like it might be a good idea to know.
  4. It doesnt say! 55% of those involved in the study carried the gene for slow caffeine metabolism. You got about a 1 in 2 chance, AAA! Enjoy!

  5. azimuth


    do you think if your arteries were clear you'd hace to worry about coffee?


    do you think you'd have more worry if you threw the "stress" of the bean on those same arteries which are clogged up from years of beef steak and pizza?

    makes sense doesn't it?

    yes it does..

    you give up the beef steak you morons
  6. WOW! If coffee makes you this angry, I can see how trading made you crazy, as you mentioned in the recent thread you started. Good trading and good health to you, azimuth. Take care of yourself.
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    go have another hambUrger, and doughnuts for brakefast, and wingdings and super siZed fries and POKE ribs on the barbie..

    but god forbid WATCH OUT FOR THAT COFFEE!!!

    it'll kill you!

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    It makes sense because our ancestors’ digestion systems and metabolism evolved based on the foods available in their environments. They evolved with their environments and basically ate the same shit for eons. In recent years, people have dispersed so much that stories about someone unable to handle caffeine, alcohol, fats, oils, sugars, etc. is commonplace. This also explains why some people are obese, while others are not. Obese people survive environments that have long cyclical bouts of famine. So everything they eat turns to fat. Other people can eat lard and never get fat. Some people can metabolize several cups of oil a day (like in the Mediterranean regions), while others would get diarrhea in a hurry. A friend of mine says that if he eats cheese he feels fatigued and bloated an hour later. But he feels fine if he has the same amount of cheese with a fiber supplement.

    Some people have livers that are not good at storing and/or releasing disaccharides (a sugar) in the blood stream for their energy needs. For them, having processed starch and sugars is a disaster, as it throws their blood sugar concentrations into volatile cycles, which make them behave as if they are always starving, and sometimes they pass out. However, if they eat corn, the corn sits in their digestive system for hours and hours as each corn kernel releases its natural starch slowly because its protected by an indigestible cellulose barrier. So, chewed up corn kernels sitting in the digestive track makes up for their liver’s folly. Likewise, they could eat some other type of food, like cheese, which will buffer their blood sugars because they have no problem making sugars from the cheese they digest.

    Going back to Caffeine… It is naturally found in all sorts of botanicals, so people who metabolize caffeine efficiently probably have ancestors who evolved in environments abundant with these types of herbs and plants.
  9. Good points, Sam. Better than azimuth's!:)

    By the way azimuth, I never said go out and eat the food you mentioned but DON'T drink the coffee. I do both:D
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    this is BS

    jeesus the limitless pseudo-scientific jibber jabber you guys can spew is absolutely amzing..

    where do you guys come up with this shit?

    you should write for woody allen.

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