Generous tax break for banks and insurance companies that invest overseas??????????

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  1. Why use an obnoxious amount of question marks when one will suffice?
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    amazing..better and better everyday. why tax breaks,if economy is improving?
  3. Most of you guys who are not involved in Private Equity with projects overseas would cringe if you knew all tax breaks that are given.

    The incentive to leave this country is huge! Yet, the US gov has no incentive to bring back the Capital aquired in profits. They want to tax it far to the money stays off shore forever.

    We in American have to understand, that it is no longer our game but its the Worlds Game. We are no longer the "Hedge". Pundits will cry foul and say different as will investment firms like GS, Morgan, etc.

    Yet the truth is out there so do the research.

    I think it's time to re-release the movie V for Vendetta. May shake up some things in this country and wake up the sheepole from the Propaganda coming from the Mains Stream Financial Media.
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    is it same people in gvt,who use to talk about transaction tax to recoup TARP costs? :confused:
    is it same people at those banks,who just got record earnings,record bonuses? fucking great! and fair to you and me..
  5. Several question marks following a question means extreme shock and surprise.

    Case in point, US gov is giving subsidies to corporations who invest overseas whereas 44MM Americans are on foodstamps, 20M+ Americans are unemployed.
  6. US gov is giving subsidies to corporations who invest overseas

    Yes, and EMU, ASIA and AFRICA are giving huge breaks to Private Foreign Capital.
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    Darn it! I'm going to have a stern talking to my lobbiest -- if I can re member who he is. :D

    Maybe there should be no lobbiests just like there should be term limits on Senators and Congressmen. Let's see, who do we have to see about making these changes? Oh, yeah, Senators and Congressmen. Fat chance, eh?