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    Does anyone have any experience trading through Generic/Carlin? Good, bad?

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  3. We dont need moderators telling us not to start new threads about certain topics -- people want current info --

    I have some current info on this thread. After working at Schoney for 5 years -- I recently switched to generic - very happy so far, everything I was told has been true -- got a very good payout, commission and bullet rate. also very happy with their software.

    P.S. I am just a trader, not a recruiter !!!!
  4. wookie


    What type of trading do you want to do? Retail, Prop, secured prop? Need more info to give a good opinion. Honest but generally a bit high on commissions, also they charge for software, good selection of decent platforms. Any one who doesn't use the hammer is a bit foolish......Beware of the anvil
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    If you had read my post instead of just reacting you would have seen that I wasn't telling anyone not to start a thread, I simply said: "before starting a new thread, you might do a little research". And the two links I provided were very current info, both with a number of posts thru last month.
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