Generic Trading

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by swingtrade2win, May 23, 2004.

  1. Are their Generic Trading branches that offer 100% payout w rate less than .005 per share? Phone number & contact name woud be appreciated.

  2. That would b nice..but i can only think of other firms that compete on that payout and commish .. sage and assent.
  3. whoaaa...lo and behold .. Genesis securities..dag i think they just dropped the bar on fees.
  4. I mentioned Generic because of the buying power & ovenight leverage they give traders. I'm looking specifically for a branch gives a 100 % payout & a commission of .05 or less. Genesis is good firm if your looking for 20x leverage on your money & commission are very competitive. You mentioned Sage, do have a link or more information on them.

  5. Obviously, for seasoned traders who trade some (a couple of million shares or more per month), what you ask for is easily "do-able." But don't expect Generic or any of the main firms to allow gigantic capital usage without adequate capital and experience from the trader.

    The smaller firms are similar to "Co-ops" ...and a "Co-op" "bank" is dangerous....the handful of solid firms are usually smart enough to come up with a customized trading structure that works for everyone...we certainly try.

    .004 for all shares above 1,000 per order.