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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by agora, Aug 10, 2001.

  1. agora


    Does anyone know anything about this firm as far as becoming a prop trader?

    Also, which firms actually have salaries. Is Hold Bros. the only one?

  2. itaital


    who is hold brother ?
  3. agora


    Not the answer I was looking for but if you enter "Hold Bros" in the search box you'll find threads regarding them.
  4. Bryan Roberts

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    be very careful with any of these firms that offer a salary. you will probably have to sign a contract of at least two years and then you most likely will split profits 50/50. another huge disadvantage is that more than likely you will pay higher commission fees than what is considered fair. if you can come up with $10k there are much better alternatives.
  5. is it true that they're financially hurting right now?
  6. liltrdr


    I recently spoke with hold. They do not have a salary. They have a draw. You have to pay it back once you're profitable! It's a living expenses loan. And then you start out with a 40 percent take home. That jumps up when you make more than 250K for the firm. Different offices have different policies but that is the deal they offered me.
  7. agora


    Thanks for all the various insights guys. Appreciate it!!
  8. mikebiz1


    at hold brothers you get a salary for the first 3 months then everything after is a draw. but, it could of changed recently. i would call them