Generic Trading Group Of Philadelphia,LLC

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    Does anyone have any opinion of this company. I know its a Prop firm and is associated with the Carlin Financial group. What are their commissions and payout , as well as any other insight that that can be offered?
  2. Know some retail traders that trade out of one of their NJ offices. From what I understand, Carlin charges $10 ticket charge plus ECN fees and clears through SLK. You can do much better.

    If you have a Series 7 (or plan on getting it), try Echo or Bright. If not, consider trading from home using Interactive Brokers or Tradestation 6 using a cable modem or DSL.

    Good luck.
  3. Just wanted to add that I had contacted Carlin a few months back to find out about their fees, payout, etc. It was like pulling teeth to get any information from them. They were intentionally vague which sent up a big red flag. Compare that to Echotrade or Bright et al who are very upfront re their fees and payout.

    Which type of firm would you rather do business with ?
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    Fact: As of Dec. 31 2000 they had about $20MM net cap. As of Dec. 31 2001 they have about 9.4MM net cap.