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Discussion in 'Options' started by MrMuppet, Nov 17, 2021.

  1. MrMuppet


    Hi folks, need a bit of advice from you guys here.

    I mentor someone for a bit and I don't have any idea what to recommend as options analyzer as all of my stuff is either custom coded or spread sheets which are way to complex.

    He's with IB.
    Must haves:
    - stress test options positions with regards to time and vol, preferably also single strikes to test skew changes

    - greek profiles like where are gamma/vega peaks

    - display IV smiles and term structure

    I'd like to avoid optionvue for the moment as it's rather expensive and I don't know if it's that good anymore.

    suggestions welcome
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  3. traider


    IB has some basic vol stuff on their software for free. This is under volatility lab. I think he can try to explore its full functionality before opting for more expensive stuff.
  4. MrMuppet


    Thanks for your comments.
    We checked that first but honestly spreaking TWS is a piece of useless junk.

    It's slow, unreliable, datafeed is not realtime and sometimes it doesn't even show up.
    Perhaps it's just me because I'm used to other stuff but I feel if anybody relies on TWS for intraday execution I feel really sorry for him :)
  5. thecoder


    True. This is because of the wrong programming language decision they chose:
    it was programmed in Java (ie. similar to C# trash) instead of C++.
  6. traider


    WTF thats real language bias
  7. Java is fine. ToS is java as well, and far better than TWS in this respect. Modern processors are fast enough. The issue is IB is hell bent on throttling data. They get some kind of perverse pleasure out of it I am sure. I mean it's not like bandwidth costs anything these days
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    LOL! CPound Lives Matter?
  9. CPound? You racist! C-Sharp has been persecuted enough and deserves to live oppression free in our diverse society! Mods, I think this guy owes us 10 pushups!