Generation Y living with their parents is worse in Europe

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    Western Civilization is in for a rude awakening. "The New Normal" is a fact, not just a catchphrase.
  2. I think it is a return to the extended family model because of the economic conditions.
  3. cannot read the whole thing , can you tell me the %
  4. They are saying 46% of people between the age of 18 and 34 still live with their parents in the EU.

    I think it is partly the central banks pushing property prices up through low interest rates and poor pay for young people.
  5. worse? that's the way it has always been. My grandfathers older brother and his wife lived in the family home and it is still alive and well in Switzerland (barn is attached to the kitchen, makes it easy to milk the cows in the morning.)

    tough luck for him though, that's why he came to America.

    No different here, the other side out in Iowa built a little place out back for the oldest son and his wife, and when the grandparents got too old to run the farm they moved into town and the oldest son and his wife moved into the big old farmhouse (turned their little house out back into a play house for the kids)

    What's the problem?

    What do you mean "worse"?

    if there's a problem, it's that the oldest son isn't getting married anymore. And why would he? You don't need to do that to get what you need from these modern women today.
  6. No there was a movement to home ownership in Europe. It is a new development that it is going back to the extended model you explained.
  7. dang, another economic upturn ruined by family values. Where's Hollywood when you need them?
  8. No it is not family values it is the price of housing relative to earnings in the EU is very high.
  9. Man, tell them to come over here. You can buy a house for cash on what you are paying for a years rent.

    No kidding

    condominium in Las Vegas for 25K (and that is asking price)

    Houses with acreage for 50k (plenty of room for a garden and chickens)

    what difference does it make where you live if all you do is stare at a computer all day?

    been a long time since EU had any posters telling young men to come there for opportunity.

    That's how we started out, and it looks like that might be where we are again today.

    People here are complaing because they can't work at a factory and refinance their homes every two years to buy a new SUV anymore. But for someone who just wants to buy a home, it is now a very good deal.

    (paid for by the "Go West Young Man" Bureau of American Realtors)
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