Generation Y, is doomed to unemployment

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  1. What I do not get is why is Generation Y going to college to study and get worthless degrees? Maybe that is why they cannot find work?

    Armed with an undergraduate degree in literary journalism from the University of California, Irvine, and experience from an internship, the 23-year-old Barreto believed he had a better chance than many of his peers to find a job. But more than a year after graduation, Barreto is still struggling to find employment.
  2. literary journalism. At least it wasn't Domestic Toenail Clipping...
  3. “It’s a personal thing for a couple of us and a bit prideful, but the idea we just spent five years — and a hundred thousand dollars for some of us — obtaining two degrees, to go ahead and wipe that right back off our resume in hopes of getting a $12-an-hour job at Starbucks would really be depressing,” he said.


    #1 I think we need to remove the government out of the picture, no more government backstopped loans.

    #2 College loans should something that someone can get out of (Chapter 11)

    #3 This will cause a major collapse in college prices, no bank will underwrite a 100K loan for a Masters in "Barista operations" for a job that pays 12 bucks an hour.

    We need to bring the free market back into the College industry and let pricing reflect reality.
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    if we keep extending the unemployment benefits then yeah, no one is going to get creative and do what it takes to make it. The country's finances are dire. We can't afford to keep paying unemployment to everyone so they can stay in their apartments and pay the cable bill. It's time for everybody to tighten that belt, lower your expenses, take that commission-only job, stay in your friend's garage, or invent that next money-making service or invention. The creative juices will flow and people will bust a little more ass when the free money stops coming.
  5. We also need to stop giving 5 Billion annually to Pakistan so they can pay off the ISS, which then train the insurgents killing Americans.

    And the "With enactment of the FY2009 Supplemental (H.R. 2346/P.L. 111-32) on June 24, 2009, Congress has approved a total of about $944 billion for military operations"

    Plus the 944 billion dollars annually to provide police protection to other nations.

    And we can save an additional 139 billion dollars a year of we leave Iraq and Afghanistan.

    "The FY2010 war request totals $139 billion including $130 billion for DOD for both wars

    No wonder why we have such a big deficit.
  6. What I do not get is why would someone think getting a degree on reading books expects a good paying job?

    Do people think that all you need is a college degree to make 6 digits?
  7. ....Hello ....Starbucks pays about $7:50-8:25/hour depending on where you are. Not $12/hour unless you are a store manager!
  8. The concept of full employment is history for more than two decades.

    There is no need for the work force to be fully employed.

    Sometime in the future employers will recognize this and begin to spread out the work among the workforce more equitably.

    spending more time in college is a very good idea. education enables people to learn to spend their free time wisely.

    All people will be having more free time for many reasons.

    As time passes the pools of capital offering money to anyone will also grow. People will take more and more of the market's continuing offer.

    Naturally a person has to build his mind to extract the capital. Anyone can read any post and determine who is who in this global scenario.

    I decided to write a book today. Its title will be "SCAMFEAR: a six theme comedy". I'll be sending out numerous author releases in the near future. The turn downs will be even more fun to get than the original correspondence. Why shouldn't I use my Masters degree related to English to write more books. Humor is priceless. SCAMFEAR II is almost taking shape as well; I didn't consider unemployment for the first book at all.

    I am going to use a G. Carlin/A. Buchwald combo. The IRS is quoting Hypostomus's humor about me as "authoritative complaining" about my unfair treatment of dummys. How do you get tenure at the IRS?

    Do they teach typing to literary student's? Can they write stuff?

    "Does Whining and Dining for the Unemployed" sound catchy?

    Did you see that treatise by T666 where he took 5 years to lose 18 bucks a trade on 24,000 trades? Is that humor isn't it? T666 wasn't even a literary guy and he strung out 24,000 trades over five years and didn't tell the story. He could be the Studs Terkel of trading if he wrote out his stories of his fuck ups all the time.
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    I graduated with a masters degree in electrical engineering in 1996 and boy were we ridiculed by my American friends as Geeks, while they were getting degrees in stuff that gave me headache, that someone would spend money to get a degree in those field. Then most of them got great jobs, but now the music has stopped.
  10. Actually, Jack, that was a backtest of YOUR failed attempt to impose static parameters on the market, so don't represent one of your many failures as mine.

    You're just pissed because you made an ass of yourself by failing to provide the obvious solution to a simple grade school geometry problem.
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