Generation Stack?

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  1. Could anyone please provide a clear definition of what a generation stack is?
  2. From Energy Trading and Investing: Trading, Risk Management and Structuring Deals By Davis Edwards.
  3. I was just browsing through the same book, but I couldn't find the exact definition, only references to the term.
  4. The link you posted is pretty good.
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    Gen Stack is the price a unit would be in the money. Very high level def but easy to understand.

    If you have a $90 market you may have hydro, coal, gas and oil running. In a $30 market maybe only nat gas meaning its cheaper for you to buy from the market to fill your load then turn on a unit
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    How about learning about LMP. Makes it very complex. Still nukes getting paid nat gas or even coal pricing, fair markets right
  7. A generation stack is a supply curve.