Generation of Crybabies, You Have Not Been In The Ultimate Scam - THE WAR!

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by shortie, Feb 1, 2010.

Major War with >1M Casualties Will Happen When?

  1. Within 20 years

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  2. Within 15 Years

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  3. Within 10 Years

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  4. Within 5 Years

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  5. Within 3 Years

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  6. Won't Happen In At Least 20 Years

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  1. When governments send people to fight stupid wars to be killed by hundred thousands and even millions - that's a real BIG PROBLEM.

    "Bank promised me a huge loan when i don't have to pay interest for the first 3 years, and now they kick me out of the house!"

    "They canceled my credit card that I was gonna use to buy 60" plasma!"

    "Gas price is 3x price of drinking water!"

    "I really really want to have an iPad!"

    Just be happy there is no a major war on the horizon. Or is there one?

  2. This is how the human mind works.

    My grandfather survived WWII in the most horrid conditions yet 50 years later he would be really upset if he couldnt find his car keys.

    People's adaptation skills are amazing.