Generation Limbo

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  1. In pre-depression days, a Yale history grad would get recruited onto Wall Street easy.
  2. The days of filling up large Corporations with useless positions filled with people who have overpriced useless degrees are over.

    Either you produce or are of value or you have no prospect.

    We are correcting from too much missalocation of capital into non productive employees and education paths.

    Fluff degrees are dead. The days of being entitled to a job because you spent 4 years in a college and got a fluff degree are over.

    LOL 100K degree to work tables at a restaurant. She assumed that because she follwed the special rules she was entitled to a big easy "arts" job with big pay.

    “We did everything we were supposed to,” said Stephanie Morales, 23, who graduated from Dartmouth College in 2009 with hopes of working in the arts. Instead she ended up waiting tables at a Chart House restaurant in Weehawken, N.J., earning $2.17 an hour plus tips
  3. you are too optimistic. Remind me, what will these enginers people do ? design new car, airplane, new medicine, arms? There is only small number of high achievers needed. Rest - 99% is equal to art degree crap, usesless.

    here you go an example for you : read that russuian it guys will deliver specific browswer for russia at cost of 4M. Couple of guys got together and run with it. Duno the continuation but does not matter.

    In west same thing would cost 500M+ with involvement of several outsourcing firms, lots of fanfare, thousands of indian testers and support contract for 200M a year :)

    What do you call that? In my books it is no better than creating public servant jobs serving no purpose from engineers.

  4. Plenty of Jobs for people with "real" work skills, go to any IT shop and it will be full of Indians,etc.. working on developing shit because White anglo kids want to learn "Art" at some Ivy League school.
  5. I don't know. I know a lot of people who work in IT that are unemployed.

    Banks especially do not have as many staff and are cutting back further.
  6. I've seen a few of these cycles. The sad truth is that recent graduates in this economy may never work in their prefered field. I have seen it before; when the economy rebounds the corporations will hire the most recent graduates.
  7. Go to and put IT

    Lots of openings, maybe they are of poor skills or unwilling to relocate.

    I found a shitload of jobs.
  8. maybe it will never rebound
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