General Trading Question and CandleStick Pattern

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sfunds, Mar 15, 2004.

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    I recently Downloaded TradingSolution. I would like to know whether
    ther is a way to configure it to directly look into Database (SQL

    Whether I can configure it to look at Yahoo Free Site For Indian

    Right Now I convert from My database to csv files and try solution.
    The Problem I face is to update the files with new EOD data It
    Verifies the file Format again and takes long time to read data.

    Does anyone have CandleStick Patterns.

    Regarding Traing the Model

    I work in Indian Stock (National Stock Exchange Of India).
    Do i have to train the neuro trading system with indian Data
  2. Read the book about Japanese candlesticks from Steve Nison, widely available.

    Good Luck
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