General Motors

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  1. Thoughts on GM?
  2. bankruptcy part deux II.

    not if , when.
  3. Don't buy their products.
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    Never will. Already moved to japanese. Now won't ever even look at american in protest of this crap. Don't care what it cost us in taxes. More than make that up in repair and maintance savings anyway.
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    Do you have any idea how many times GM tried to reorganize themselves, they thought they would be on top forever, but now that they have lost out completely they will never be back at number ONE ever again. During the biggest expansion in our countries history gm lost market share to competitors like honda and toyota, do you actually think gm is going to reinvent themselves once again, the company is worthless. They will fail again.
  6. Look at it slide.

    Face it, you had to be a gigantic idiot to buy it again.
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    Tsing Tao

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    aren't hedge funds suppose to be "hedged"? :p
    "pros"...even i know the general rule of thumb : always expect unexpected..
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    I think the best hope for GM lies abroad, perhaps in China or some other rapidly developing country. In their home market, they fucked too many customers, with their short sighted business plan, which was essentially to build pretty junk with proprietary systems and parts, advertise like hell, then make the real profits on expensive parts and repairs, and financing. It will be a long slow road back for them in the U.S. Market, not to mention that folks out of work seldom buy new cars.

    In the end, what capitalists hate most came and bit them in the ass, competition.

    That problem was once easily solved. Just by up all the street car systems and replace with GM built buses. This time, it won't be that easy. Toyota, Nissan, BMW, and Mercedes all have plants in the U.S. and employ thousands of U.S. Citizens.
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