General Motors to hold news conference Tuesday...

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by palenimbus, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. bdon


    they pulled that nice reverse on GMAC's mortgage business and strong south american sales. But what now the mortgage business is a bust and..........
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  2. VictorS


    You are correct. They sell more Buicks in China than in the United States.:eek: :eek: Isn't that a shocker.
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  3. You are observant. When I was in Beijing, there were an amazing number of Buicks there. Plus Fiats and an interesting blend of other models...
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  4. I had a Bonneville, TBird, (Ford) Probe, Olds Cutlass Supreme, Volvo, and a couple others. Every one of them had engine/tranny or both go by 90K to 120K miles. And I took good care of them, with mostly highway miles.

    Now on my second Civic. Phenomenal car. I will only buy Honda and Toyota (or their upper end division) cars from now on. They are twice the car built by Americans.
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  5. Short GM its going lower. After we hit 10% lower its going to be a great trade for the next 2 years. Very volitile
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  6. piezoe


    I did not realize there were that many M.D.'s in China. :D
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  7. rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic i see.

    this guy wagoner is a piece of work. at this point, at least have the courtesy to go down with the ship quietly.
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  8. Dividend to be halted. Watch and see. To conserve capital and protect shareholders. Dividend to be reinstated in 2011.

    Watch and listen.

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  9. Yes....the 2010 Camaro will be released with a 1.5L gas & electric motor hybrid drivetrain now! :eek:

    :D :D :D
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  10. Jeez haven't been watching the pattern of FDI.,...Bud.

    GM is offering itself to Chinese to be taken under. GMs only growth market is China.
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