General Motors to hold news conference Tuesday...

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  1. ... to "discuss actions the company is taking to align the business to current market conditions."

    This should be interesting
  2. bdon


    oh yes. interesting.

    "We intend to shift our focus away from the SUV market"

    revolutionary thinking! Where do i apply for the CEO job? What the hell do these people pay Wagonier yearly? He clearly has the pulse of the market.
  3. GM really pisses me off.

    I'll think I'll pull a stock trader and leave the forums forever if GM does not declare bankrupcy before 12/31/08.
  4. Hmmm...

    I think they need to whittle down the number of brands they sell.

    Doesn't GM have Chevy, GMC truck, Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile (is this brand still being sold?), Saturn, Cadillac, maybe a few more.

    Keep Chevy, Saturn and Cadillac and eliminate the rest, although the dealers wouldn't like it.
  5. oldsmobile is gone..

    But you forgot Hummer (of course) and saab, both which are selling like crap. Saab has been totally neglected by GM, I still have no idea why they own it in the first place. And Hummer's days are definitely numbered, it's the first thing that comes to peoples mind when you mentioned gas guzzler or c02 emissions.
  6. Saturn has never turned a profit.

    And eliminating Pontiac AND Buick seems stupid. They both have a loyal following. I do not see Buick buyers switching to Chevy. And Pontiac buyers are sportier car buyers.
  8. Saturn hasn't ever turned a profit? Reference?
  9. bdon


    Yeah unfortunately they'd charge 20k just to cover health care expenses from those well negotiated UAW contracts.

    btw I do own a gm product and will always do so. Born and raised in Detroit and I always buy American. But I hate the arrogance that plaques the way this company is run.

    Won't buy another Ford, until Sr. sells the Lions and ends the futility (34 years of which i have been alive and suffering through).
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    Didnt they have one of these about 3-4 years ago when the stock was around 20-24 a share. The stock did reverse and move up to 36-38, but it looks like the stock now at 9 hasnt proved anything the company talked about at their last breaking news conference.
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