General Motors - On the way up

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  1. My company has given me the use of a 2007 Chevrolet Impala and all I have to say is WOW!. This isnt a top of the line car by any means, but this car has certainly improved from the 2005 model. Much faster, classier looking, and overall more comfortable at every level.

    Before this car, the company had given me a 2005 Chevrolet Impala. When I first got it, a woman that I was going out with at the time had commented that she thought it was a "white trash car" and thought I was moving down in the company. After 30,000 miles the car started to have problems. At 60,000 miles, things started to get really bad with cooling problems and noises. One friend commented to me that he thought it was a 2000 model because it was just falling apart. When I visited the local Chevy dealer service department, there were large transmission cartons piled in the corner. When I asked why so many people need new transmissions, I was told that people just drive real hard. Thats funny, I did drive a V6 Camry at one point in my life. I never babied it and never once was their a transmission problem.

    However, this new line of General Motors vehicles has completely turned me around on the company. Unfortunately, Honda and Toyota have retooled their lineups as well. The Camry is a class act and you cant go wrong even with the cheapest model on the lot. The Honda Accord V6 is amazingly fast and would run circles around the Impala. If I was in the market for a vehicle and had 3 choices, it would be Accord, Camry and then Impala.

    I believe General Motors is now moving in the right direction. If you had purchased shares of GM back in 1984 you would be breaking even today (if we dont think about the dividend).

    However, Toyota and Honda cars are still far superior to the General Motors fleet. The V6 Camry is now as fast as a Corvette from yesteryear and whisper quiet, a comfortable highway cruiser that has enough power to outrun most cars when needed. The Honda Accord V6 feels like a muted copy of a BMW 3 series.

    Lastly, if you had bought shares of Honda in 1984, you would have realized a return of over 500 percent. The GM stock tends to meander about. I would not consider it a long term investment, but a short to mid term trade.

    I would be a buyer of the GM stock in the 20s.

    What about Ford? No confidence vote there. I rented a 2006 Ford Taurus and it was simply horrible in everyway. I did not see one reason why someone would go out and buy one of these things when there are so many other better choices. I say that Ford should probably merge with GM or Chrysler. Thats the only way it could save itself from bankruptcy.
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    Forget GM,

    Toyota and Honda will own the market within 5-10 years.

    I dont see teenagers driving Cobalts....I see them driving the new honda civics, new toyota corollas, new toyota SCIONS, subaru WRX, evolutions they dont drive american cars.........
  3. One added note.

    The local police departments seem to be testing out the Dodge Charger and Magnum. I have not tested the Charger, but I did test drive a Hemi Pickup 2 years ago.

    Oh my god. This was definately a fun car to drive. With the same engine put into the Charger, I can guess that the police will want to move over to the Charger and dump the Crown Vics.

    I had never considered owning a pickup until I drove the Hemi truck. However, when I saw the god awful gas mileage, I knew it wasnt the vehicle for me. 12 miles to the gallon.

    The Magnum police model is the biggest threat to the Crown Vic. First, the Magnum is much much faster. Second, it has the versatility that the cops need with the hatchback design and it can be loaded with lots of stuff.
  4. Don't know about GM but I would short Ford. They still don't have a freaking clue on how to design a proper car...

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  5. lol

    Ford cars are way better looking than GM's... hands down.
  6. Theyre all freakin FUGLY, lets face it.

    Since when, has the "BBQ plate" look been in vogue?
    Oh wait, NEVER, yet there they are.
  7. What it comes down to is fuel efficiency and reliability...

    Ford and GM have never been able to deliver on either. If I buy a Toyota or Honda, I know that there will be at least 100,000 trouble free miles and that there are no other cars that will get as good mileage.
  8. Don't like BBQ plate? How about bold stripes?

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