General motors and Ford making new highs soon

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  1. GM and F will make new highs soon.

    GM is going to retest 37 and F is going to hit 9

    The truth is, when things can;t get worse the only way to go is up. People know that Ford and GM are losing lots of money but the bad news is priced in. However people STILL DO buy Gm and Ford cars and the sales will continue to improve. Extra costs will be cut so that the business is more streamlined and can make more revenue and less loss.

    Toyota is played out. Like jetblue and other 'good' stocks. Crap is profitable if its on the upside. AMD is crap but its rallying cause it cant get worse.

    AMR is also a good pick cause its time 2 buy and time 2 fly. People still fly and oil is going to $59 a barrel soon. Iran is folding and the dictator will be ousted or quit. Iraq war going well. Oil will drop.

    Tensions in mideast will be over soon. Airline stocks will soar.

    Also check out the wisdomtree ETF funds like DEW and DFE. Also check out tricontinental corp TY
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    perhaps you would be so kind as to put a timetable on these events to occur. within 30 days + or - would be acceptable.
  3. was in GM from 30.5 ...I hope this gap-up is real.
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    Time to start SEC inquiry.. How to hide billions in liabilities.

    1) Goodyear Tyre
    2) General Motors
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    true that. gm up 10%,the company makes the US long-term liabilities look like nothing, but people dont seem to care
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    DETROIT - Local union leaders on Friday endorsed a tentative agreement between General Motors Corp. and the United Auto Workers that requires GM to pay out at least $35 billion for retiree health care, establishes lower wages for thousands of new employees and offers an unprecedented number of promises for future work at U.S. plants, according to a summary of the agreement provided by the UAW.

    GM just signed inofficialy their failure status, with only 20 bln asset value.

    The investors completely forgot it were negotiations and the possibility of a complete victory of the UAW

    1) with regard to the 35 bln
    2) only lower wages for NEW employees
    3) they must guarantee jobs

    So what was in it for GM (besides spanking)
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    the foreign automakers have an $1500 per vehicle advantage vs the domestic automakers due to long term legacy cost advantage. this must end so the US companies can compete with the asian automakers. the the big 3 had an advantage this would be different.
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    HOGWASH!!!! GM is still in the same situation as before. The propaganda about the legacy costs being why they can not move the iron out the showroom is total bullshit. Face it, if they produced vehicles they were on par with the competition they would sell the stuff, PERIOD.

    The "diminishing Trio" (former BIG 3) have complained about costs from retires for decades now, screw em, they made their bed and should just lay in it. GM has to send over to the UAW 50 billion and more later if needed. The UAW settled for a "two tier wage" system, that is hiring NEW workers at lower costs. i have seen and worked at "two tier wage" places creates a fight between the older workers and the NEW workers come negotiation time,......the NEW workers want wage increases and the older workers want benefits increased. How could either side gain an consensus? A "two tier" wage scale causes workers to fight each other, and this also causes the older more costly guys and gals on the companies shit list to be shitcanned so a new cheaper worker can be brought in.

    EVEN if GM etc was non-union their problems would be the same, and do not forget time sneaks on by the legacy costs would take care of themselves as the retirees checked out to the production line in the sky. GM etc needs to learn how to produce good iron or else they will be toast. The "Diminishing Trio" will be dust if they do not shape up, union or no union.

    PS, i have not seen the details of the new contract, ......should be interesting.
  10. GM is dead....we're back to the early 80's.
    Financing those "so-overpriced" pieces of junk from Detroit is going to be so expensive, NO ONE IS GOING TO BUY A NEW CAR from DETROIT any time soon.
    P.S. Our local Cadillac dealership of 30+ years in business closed their doors recently.
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