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  1. Wtf the stock market goes higher and higher, and the job market is getting worse and worse. The only thing that constantly highers is govt sectors which prints money to support itself... can anyone explain this to me ???
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    What the stock market has to do with the job market?
  3. Wtf, indeed, for shorts whom have all been crushed.
  4. Stock market is a general gauge of economy, no job growth no economic growth no jobs... etc Generally when economy is doing better you always see influx of hiring. Right now all I see is large scale down sizing..
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    My ancient eggs is the general gauge of economy...wake up!
  6. which means more profits and cash on the balance sheet.
  7. The market keeps rising because a butterfly in the Black Forest refuses to go to sleep.

    I think we've seen this movie before, it appears to be similar to 2002-2004.
  8. To answer the OP I think the investment is moving to equities from credit due to the problems in the banking sector. This is in my view pushing up the price of stocks.
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    The stock market stopped being a general gauge of the economy sometime around the turn of this century.
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